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Tree Committee


On July 12, 2021, the Village of Pulaski passed Local Law No.3 which established a Tree Committee and regulations regarding trees in the Village. The legislative intent of this law was to establish a Tree Committee that would have the duties of inventorying public trees, planting and removing public trees, educating the public in regard to Village trees and having and executing a plan for an urban forest in the Village of Pulaski.


The Tree Committee consists of 5 members, a minimum of 3 that are Village residents, 2 ex-officio members that are the DPW and Mayor, and a Tree Committee Auxiliary.


At this point the Tree Committee and Auxiliary have planted 17 trees on Rome Road in the Fall of 2021 and an additional 10 on April 30th to celebrate the 150th Arbor Day in Spring of 2022.


The Tree Committee has partnered with Hax Funeral Home and PROP in a Memorial Tree Planting Program. You can pay for a tree in memory of a loved one on either of those two websites or by clicking the link below. You may also pick up a paper form here at the Village Office.  


The price is $250, which includes the price of the tree, planting, a memorial brick, and perpetual care.


Any questions please call the Village Office at 315-298-2622 or email



Memory Tree Donation Form

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