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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Phone: 315-298-2673 Fax: 315-298-5274

The Village of Pulaski Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTP) serves a population of 2,400 residents.   Oversight of the Village WWTP and the sewers located in the Village is provided by a three person Sewer Board appointed by the Village Board of Trustees.  The Sewer Board meets monthly to review plant operations, address concerns raised by Village residents and plan for the Village’s future wastewater needs.

The WWTP is designed to receive and treat 650,000 gallons per day of sewage.  The WWTP is comprised of a series of unit processes that separate solids from liquids and biologically treat the waste to produce an effluent meeting strict discharge standards set by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (“DEC”). Treated water is disinfected and discharged to the Salmon River.

The WWTP is staffed full time by two operators Jasin Fernandez and George Dibble.  Jasin have earned Class 2A licenses issued by DEC.  The lead operator is Jasin and he has the overall responsibility for compliance with the State Pollution Discharge Elimination Permit or (“SPDES” permit).  You may encounter either operator performing their daily checks of the many pumping stations located throughout the Village.  The operators act as stewards of the Salmon River by ensuring that only water meeting the stringent SPDES discharge permit standards is released into the river.  The Village of Pulaski WWTP has an excellent track record for compliance with its SPDES Permit.  

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