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Tractor Removing Snow

Public Works

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 6:30AM - 3:00PM. Closed for all major holidays.

Phone: 315-298-6132 Fax: 315-298-5274


The primary responsibilities of the DPW are streets, parks, cemetery, sewer system, village water supply and building maintenance of all village facilities. Our DPW staff repairs and maintains village streets, sidewalks and street lights, sweeps streets, removes snow, installs and maintains signage, cleans and repairs village buildings, maintains village vehicles and removes yard debris.


CAUTION: Before digging you need to contact Dig Safely New York, call 811 or 800-962-7962 for stake out request prior to digging.



Water Department


DPW is responsible for several miles of water mains and the shutoff at the curb. We have two licensed water operators with extensive years of experience to service municipal water. Also, Pulaski has been known for winning the best tasting water awards for our area.

Sewers and Storm Drains


DPW is responsible for maintenance and repair of several miles of sewer mains, including storm drains and sanitary sewers. The Village is responsible for taking care of the mains and it is the resident’s responsibility to take care of their own lateral. The lateral is the connecting pipe that runs from the dwelling to the Villages main so everything that is put down the sewer ends up at the Village Waste Water Treatment Facility.  It is for this reason, and for the health and safety of our employees that hypodermic needles should never be introduced to the sewer system.




The Village DPW maintains 7.68 miles of streets and numerous sidewalks throughout the village. They are responsible for tree maintenance and removal of roadside trees and debris. The DPW is also responsible for snow removal and sweeping of streets.

PARKS:  The Village has 3 Parks. The North Park located across from the Park Methodist Church on Hubble Street, the South Park located across from the Kallet Theater on South Jefferson Street and Dunbar Field located near the Ringgold Fireman’s Field on Lewis Street. The DPW is responsible for keeping these areas mowed and string trimmed all summer, as well as maintenance to all structures located on each site.


 Yard Debris


Will be picked up on the second and fourth Tuesday or Wednesday from April through November. No grass clippings will be picked up, please compost or leave on lawn. January will be for Christmas tree pickup only.

Debris should not be piled at street earlier than three days before scheduled pickup. Wind storm debris will be picked up automatically. Cut-up trees will be collected by the Village Department of Public Works upon pre-arrangement. Wood chips for ground cover are available free-of-charge at the Village Garage on Riverview Drive, drive in and load up or call DPW superintendent Bill Noreault at 315-298-6132.


To speed up pickup procedures and make it more cost efficient to taxpayers, please:

  • Do not bag brush or debris.

  • Pile brush neatly and cut in four foot or less lengths so it can be run through chipper.

  • Separate debris into piles of concrete, dirt, sand, rocks, plants and weeds.


 Snow Removal 


The Village of Pulaski would also like to remind residents that overnight parking is prohibited on all village streets from 2 a.m. - 6 a.m. from November 15 to April 1.  When the snow comes please help keep the hydrants and sidewalks clear near your home. A cleared hydrant can help save precious time in the case of a fire. When clearing snow from driveways, do not shovel, snow blow or plow snow into the streets. This can create hazardous conditions for drivers and pedestrians.

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