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The Village of Pulaski is a rural community located in upstate New York, situated alongside the renowned Salmon River. As per the latest Census conducted in 2020, the population of Pulaski currently stands at 2,186 residents residing in 1,034 households. Legend has it that in 1820, the Village was named after General Count Casimir Pulaski, a Polish revolutionary and an aide to General Washington, by Revolutionary War heroes who drew his name from a hat. Prior to that, the Village was known as Fishville or Salmon River. Pulaski was officially incorporated on April 26, 1832.

Over the years, the Village of Pulaski has been fortunate to receive support from the John Ben Snow Foundation, which has been instrumental in funding educational, religious, scientific, and community causes in central New York, with a particular focus on Pulaski. Born in Pulaski, N.Y. on June 16, 1883, John Ben Snow dedicated his life to philanthropy. His generosity led to the construction of the Snow Memorial Building (SMB) at 4917 Jefferson Street, which houses the Offices of the Mayor, Village Clerk, Police Department and Codes Enforcement, and the Public Library. If you are interested in learning more about John Ben Snow, pamphlets outlining his life are available at the Village Clerk's Office or you can visit

New York State Department of Health Lead/Copper Survey

Every 10 years the Village of Pulaski is required by NYS Department of Health and the Oswego County Health Department to perform an inventory of all residential water service connections. Lead can leach from service lines, solder, and fixtures into tap water. This can become a significant source of lead exposure. In children, lead exposure can cause irreversible and life-long health problems. The health effects include loss of IQ, focus, and academic achievements. With this survey the Village will identify lead service lines and fittings to effectively act to further reduce lead in drinking water. By completing the survey, the Village will be able to apply for grants to support this very important project.

If you are unsure of your water service type, please call the Village Office at 315.298.2622 or email to schedule an inspection by our Water Department personnel. Please submit the survey below and a picture of your service connection by June 15, 2024.

A link to a video showing you how to locate and determine what material your water system line is made of is here:

Energy Smart CNY 

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Village Office Staff


Mayor Jan K. Tighe

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Open Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm
Closed for all major holidays.

4917 N Jefferson St, Pulaski NY  13142

Office: 315-298-2622

Fax: 315-298-5274

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